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Table of Contents

Words to Live By
Copy & Paste
Copy & Paste II
Turning Java Off/On
Find a File
Empty Recycle Bin
Restore a File
Save an HTML Page
Extract a File from a Zip -- I
Extract a File from a Zip -- II
Turn on/off Cookies
Turn off Active Pages
Making a Folder -- I
Making a Folder -- II
How to Download & Install

Here you will find a collection of click-n-learn tutorials on topics we consider to be essentials for the average newbie. These tutorials are not put in order by difficulty. Don't be daunted if a particular tutorial seems hard. Move on to the next tutorial and come back to the difficult one later -- or never. You'll be amazed at how each thing you learn makes the next that much easier.

Don't be afraid to write if you think of something we should do a tutorial about. That is how these tutorials came about.

Words to Live By
Here we try to give the essential definitions required to get by in this jargonized internet world we live in.

Copy & Paste
The ability to copy text from one place and paste that text into another place is an essential to have under one's belt.

Copy & Paste II
It is possible and very helpful to copy and paste between different programs. This tutorial shows you how.

Find a File
If you've lost a file "somewhere on your computer" use this Windows function to look.

Empty the Recycle Bin
When you delete file in Windows sometimes the files just go away and sometimes they go to the recycle bin where they live until you empty the bin. Here's how.

Restore a File
If you have deleted a file by mistake and haven't emptied the Recycle Bin yet, there is a chance that the file can be restored. Here's one way to do it.

Save an HTML Page in Netscape
This will allow you to grab the HTML of most any page from the internet.

Extract a File from a Zip -- Method I
It is essential to be familiar with the process of extracting files from Zip archives. This can be done in many ways. This method uses the standard straight-on button clicking method.

Extract a File from a Zip -- Method II
This method of extracting files from a Zip archive uses the "Drag-n-Drop" method.

Turning On/Off Cookies
Many shopping carts and other useful client services require that your browser allow cookies. Here we show you how to turn them On and Off.

Turning Off Automatic Active Pages
Heard about the "ILOVEYOU" virus? This will help to prevent spread off such a virus through your computer

Making a Folder - I
It is hard to get by in life without the ability to create a new folder. This is one of several methods of creating a folder using the Windows Explorer.

Making a Folder -- II
This method of creating a folder uses the functions of the "Save As" window. The "Save As" window is presented each time you try to save a file. Thus making this a rather handy place to create folders at need.

How to Download & Install a Program
Downloading and installing a program is most certainly an essential talent for internet life.