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Making a Folder in Windows Explorer

Making folders in Windows is one of several essential skills which you should master in order to feel totally comfortable in the Windows environment. There are several different means in which you can make a folder in Windows. This is just one of those methods.

Step Display

Step1 Start by opening Windows Explorer. The method I habitually use to open Windows Explorer is through the Programs Menu. Click on Start (for me found in the lower left corner of my screen).

Step2 This will bring up the Start Menu. Look on the Start Menu for the Program option. Highlight the "Program" option and the Programs Menu will be presented.

Step3 In many installations the Windows Explorer icon is found at the bottom of the Program Menu. Click on that icon and the Windows Explorer will be opened.

Step4 The look and feel of the Windows Explorer window can be customized. That means that your screen might not look like ours. We find this mode easiest to deal with. So we use it. You may select the mode that is best for you. In this window you will see on the left a list of drives and folders. In our example we want to create a folder called "Submissions" in the c:\incoming\galaxy folder. This means that we need to find the c:\incoming\galaxy folder. To do this let's start from the left move right. Thus the first thing we need to do is select the C: (C drive) from the list on the left. We do this by clicking on the "+" sign or double-clicking on the C drive icon. This will move the focus of the Windows Explorer to the C drive.

Step5 When you select the C drive, the "+" sign will change from "+" to "-" and the file tree will open up revealing the first level folders contained within the C drive. As mentioned earlier we are looking to add a folder within c:\incoming\galaxy. We've found the C drive. So let's now select the incoming folder. To select the "incoming" folder click on the "+" sign or double click on the word "incoming".

Step6 After selecting the "incoming" folder it will open the directory tree further revealing the subfolders contained within it. Here we finally see the folder we were looking for "Galaxy". Select this folder by double clicking on it.

Step7 Contained within the "c:\incoming\Galaxy" folder are several files. These files are showing on the right side of the Windows Explorer program window. To add a new folder into the "c:\incoming\galaxy" folder put the mouse arrow out into the white space of the right. (See picture) Click with the right mouse button and a popup menu will "popup".

Step8 The popup menu in this example has the option to add a new something or other near the bottom of the submenu. It might be slightly different in your computer installation. But it should be somewhere near the bottom. Click on the "new" option. This will bring up yet another popup menu.

Step9 At the top of this second popup menu is the option to add a new "folder." Click on the "folder" option. This will create a raw new empty folder.

Step10 After the folder is created, it will have the name "New Folder." The program will present you the opportunity to change this name. In our case we want to use "Submissions" as the name of the new folder.

Step11 To enter the new name "Submissions" just type it in.

Step12 When you have finished typing in the new name of the folder press the Enter key. This will exist the name input field.

Step13 Here we see the newly created "Submissions" folder contained within the "C:\incoming\galaxy" folder. Let's select this folder using the left side of the Windows Explorer.

Step14 As you see, the new folder is indeed empty. But at least it exists.