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Save an HTML Page in Netscape

There are those occasions when it's necessary to grab a copy of the HTML from a page. Netscape has a handy feature in the File sub-menu that makes this possible and easy to do. Please not though that this will only save the HTML. It will not grab any associated files such as graphics or style sheets.

Step Display

Step1 As one would guess, it first necessary to be in Netscape and have a page loaded before you can save it.

Step2 Click on File in the upper left corner of the Netscape Screen. This will bring up the File Submenu. This has several options. We're looking for the one called "Save as".

Step3 Highlight the "Save as" option and click it with the Left Mouse Button. This will bring up the next screen which is the File Save Window.

Step4 Depending on your installation, the File Save window will normally come up in the Netscape Programs folder. This filename will be pre-filled. Usually related to the name of the page you are saving. To navigate to the folder of choice should be second nature. It might not be second nature to you. It can be confusing and difficult. But, alas, it should be second nature. It is something done a lot during your use of your computer. Notice what happens when we click on the icon with the bent arrow.

Step5 See that, we bump up on folder. This "up" is refering to a kind of tree structure of the folders. Where the root directory is the highest level. Clicking on the bent arrow again will "bump" you up one more level. The nature of the folders depends on your installation. So don't be surprised when your exact folder layout is different. It will be different.

Step6 Here you see an example of a root directory. A rather messy one. Notice the directory called "Incoming". That's were we'll put the saved HTML file. Double click on this directory to "go into" the Incoming folder. (Remember your system will look different in the details.)

Step7 Now that we've finally made it to our targer directory we can click on the "Save" button and save the darn file. That was a long journey just to find a directory to save a file in. Don't worry. After making this type of journey several zillion times you'll get used to it.