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Extract a file from a Zip -- Method I

Step Display

Step1 Many times the biggest problem in extracting a file from a zip file is finding the zip file. Here we are looking for a file called located in the g:\download directory. First we double-click on the G: drive in the left side of the Windows Explorer. Or, if you prefer you can click on the plus sign to the left of the drive. Keep in mind this is only an example. I highly doubt you have a g: drive with the exact same set of directories.

Step2 Now we can double-click on the "Download" folder. This opens that folder exposing its files in the right side window of Windows Explorer.

Step3 Highlight and click on the zip file. In our example it is

Step4 This opens the zip file into the WinZip program. In our example there are two files in the Zip archive. To extract the two files we start by pressing the Extract button.

Step5 This brings up the extraction window. Find the target folder in the middle window. When the Extract To: box on the upper left is showing the desired target folder click on the Extract button in the upper right. That's it.