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Making a Folder through "Save As" window

Many programs in Windows provide the standard "Save As" window when saving a file. This window can be used in a very simple type and click mode. Or, you can use this window to access many of the primary folder functions. You can create folders, move folders, delete folders, copy folders and much more. Here, if you check the title of the page, you'll notice we are concentrating on making folders using the "Save As" window interface.

Step Display

Step1 As mentioned, many programs present the "Save As" window when saving a file. The program in this example happens to be Netscape and we happen to be downloading the Apperception ESP trainer created by Galaxy Web Design available from To get to the "Save As" window just click on the button so marked.

Step2 Notice when the "Save As" window opens it is pointing to the previously used folder. Since we are saving a file from a download we wish to save that file in a folder called "Download". Normally you would already have such a folder created and in use on your computer. For this example, we are starting as if for the first time. For convenience of display we shall create the "download" folder on the C drive. Our first order of business is to get to the C drive "root" directory. The C drive "root" directory is the top of the folder tree. To get to the C drive "root" directory use the down arrow button just to the right of the current folder name edit box. This will open a drop-down list of folders to choose from. You will be looking for the C drive in this list.

Step3 The drop-down list of folders has a slidebar on the right. If necessary, use the slidebar to find the C drive in the folder list. Highlight this C drive and click it. This will select the C drive "root" directory as shown in the next picture.

Step4 Notice that when you are in the "root" directory of the C drive the only thing showing in the folder edit box is the name of the C drive along with the drive icon.

Step5 To create a "c:\download" folder click on the "new folder" icon. How can you know which is the "new folder" icon? Beats me. The drawing is not very descriptive. I suppose after awhile you just figure it out. One of those initiation things I guess. For your information, in the picture above, it is the icon under the mouse arrow. Click on that icon button to create a folder.

Step6 When a folder is created it is given the preliminary name of "New Folder." This is only a temporary name. The program opens an edit box, highlights the words "New Folder" and puts the cursor in the edit box so that you can immediately change the name. In this case we wish to create a folder with the name "Download." So guess what we do.

Step7 That's right. We type in the word "download." Not too tough when you get the hang of it. After typing the name "download" into the edit box press the "Enter" key to finish.

Step8 The newly created and renamed folder is highlighted ready to go. In this example we are trying to save a file "in" the folder. So we'd better open the folder. One way to open the folder is to double-click on it.

Step9 The new folder "C:\download" is empty as one would expect. To start the download, press the "Save" button.

Step10 Here we see the download in process. All is well.