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Abbreviations & Short-Hand
Newbie Acronym List
Computer Hoaxes
Available 3 Char Domains
Research Tools

Much like a sailor getting his or her bearings at sea. Every now and then we all need to just poke around looking to see what we can find that might shed some light on a subject.

Abbreviations & Short-Hand
Similar to NGAAL (ref: below). However, this list is an accummulation of the humorous and not so humorous abbreviations used specifically in chats and other communications.

If the WWW (browser pages) is the backbone of the internet, then email is the blood. This is how one can communiccate with friends (new and old) across the internet.

NGAAL -- Newbie Glossary and Acronym List
Okay, so maybe NAL doesn't exist as a recognized acronym. But we do have a bunch of really-truly-authentic acronyms for you to learn. How can you look for a good ISP if you don't have any idea what an ISP is? BTW, don't be the laughing stock of your friends, learn just what the heck LOL means.


  • Opera The new version is out and it's better than ever. Do give this browser a look see. Some say "bad news it's not main stream." However, that can be the good news.


  • CommView This is like a neighborhood watch for your computer. It monitors what is coming and going from your computer onto the internet.
  • ZoneAlarm This is like a doorman for your computer. It decides which internet traffic is allowed in and out of your computer based on your expressed wishes.

Computer Hoaxes
Is there such a thing as the "Good Times" virus? Are there albino alligators in the New York Sewers? What does happen when a train leaves the station in Chicago heading East at 70mph and a car leaves New York heading West at 55mph? Some of these questions are answered.

Plugins & How They Work
Plug-ins are programs that extend the capabilities of your browser in a specific way - giving you the ability to play audio samples, view video, play RealAudio clips, look at VRML, watch movies clips, and many other things all from within the browser.

Searching the Internet
The internet is a very big place. Finding something is easy. Finding what you are looking for requires a little experimentation and training.

SPAM or Unsoliciated Commercial Email or that $#^*$^#*&@@&$ garbage those @^#*&^@&@ keep sending me. Whatever you call it here is a short course in SPAM and how to deal with it.

Available 3 Character Domains
We have compiled a list of available top level (.net, .org, .com) 3 character domains. Of the 140,000 possible we have found less then 35,000 still available. These are .net and .org. All of the .com three character domains are gone. And the three character names are going fast too.

Research Tools
We very handy set of websites useful for doing research on the web.