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Opera -- The Browser
Opera for First Time Users
Switching to Opera
My Trip to the Opera

When it comes to small efficient browsers nothing beats Opera. It is by far the smallest download of all browsers. It seems to be extremely stable and well-mannered. We use Netscape and Opera. Both are recommended.

Opera is a browser. Yes there are more browsers than just Netscape and MSIE. Opera is one of the other guys.

Opera is a very small, very smart, very configurable. There is much you can do with it. And, it looks like it is here to stay.

. If you would like to find a copy of Opera check out the home page of Opera Software.

They will give you a trial copy that you can test for 30 days. The idea is for you to make up your mind then purchase. Unlike MSIE and Netscape, Opera costs money. Last I looked it was $35 -- or less if you buy in bulk. Schools, corporations, and other large institutions can buy at discount through volume.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay for a browser when they can get one free? There is no such thing as a free lunch. You my dear Newbie are a number -- actually part of a number. Netscape and MSIE are growing a big number with you as part of it. That number is: total browsers using their software. You are being resold on the open market. You are being resold to advertisers, promoters and others.

That is the price you pay when you get a "FREE" email account. Duh! You check your mail and advertisers pay to have ads on your email page. Numbers, numbers, numbers. That is the game.

The world of gamers was so so concerned that ICQ would suddenly start charging us to use ICQ chat. "Oh, no, they will make us subscribe." Why would they do something stupid like that? By not charging and by putting out a great product they gathered millions of users. A year later they were bought for more than $300 million dollars. Why would they want to make us subscribe and lose hundreds of millions of dollars? You do the math.

So why doesn't Opera do tricks like that? Don't know. It's possible they prefer straightforward simple transactional business. I know I would prefer that.

If you are basically a first time user of browsers (i.e. not old and set in your ways), check out Opera for First Time Users

If you are like me old and set in your ways, check out Switching to Opera from another Browser

If you would like to see the results, rants, and raves from my first day with Opera check out My Trip to the Opera