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Newbie Guide to Browser Plugins
Spell Bee
Plug-ins are programs that extend the capabilities of your browser in a specific way - giving you the ability to play audio samples, view video, play RealAudio clips, look at VRML, watch movies clips, and many other things all from within the browser.

Netscape Plugins
They list over 176 plugins designed for the Netscape Browsers. They fall into the categories:
3D & Animation
Business & Utilities
Image Viewers

Opera Plugins
Opera lists most of the essential plug-ins on their website. Undoubtedly many of the 176 plugins mentioned by Netscape will work on Opera as well. So if you are looking for a particular plugin and you are using Opera, then goto the Netscape Page, lookup the plugin, go to the plugin homepage, see what the plugin programmers have to say about which browsers can use the plugin.