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Barn Owl Hoaxes
Stiller Hoaxes & Reality
Computer Virus Myths

Hoaxes have been with us since the very first cave man. Being gullible must be in the genetic code. It is a source of constant amazement the good, intelligent people that fall for the silliest hoax. As with most things open frank communication is a sure cure.

For your benefit we have supplied pointers to several sources that will see you through the worst of the hoaxes and hopefully save you from looking like a total rube as you hysterically send all of your friends and family dire warnings of "Good Times" Viruses.

If we accomplish nothing else, perhaps we will make you a little less prone to acting hysterically. Please note we did not say we hope to make you less hysterical. We just hope you might develop the habit of counting to ten before acting from your hysteria.

IBM's Virus and Hoax Site

Hoax Busters (CIAC)

Urban Myths
Fun, entertaining, and informative.

Computer Virus Myths hosted by Barn Owl Software
An excellent site written in almost plain English (at least as plain as English can get when applied to computer stuff). It has many links and reference without a deluge of confusing side issues.

Virus Bulletin
Virus Bulletin is the technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products.

Datafellows Hoax Warnings
This page is considered the industry standard information source for new virus hoaxes and false alerts.

Stiller Research Talks about Virus Hoaxes and Reality
A well thoughtout simple introduction to the topic of virus infection. The page follows a "Question & Answer" format that covers most of the bases in an easy to understand sequence. Yes, you will leave with questions remaining. However, you will also leave with many answers.

Yahoo: Urban Legends -- Computer Virus Myths
The folks at Yahoo have devoted a complete section to references for Computer Virus Hoaxes. Be sure while you are there to check out the General Urban Legends Page.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Hoaxes of all kinds: Critter Country, Business, Pregnancy, Horror, Disney, Sex, Weddings, Radio & Television, Humor, Love, Titanic, Language, Toxin du jour, Religion, College, Music, Inboxer Rebellion, Quotes, Cokelore, Movies, Lost Legends, and more.

The Urban Legends Web Site
As if there's an easy explanation. Sample alt.folklore.urban for yourself (beware: some residents are reputed to have social skills that differ slightly and/or significantly from socially accepted norms) or try the archive of group-specific material here.