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Table of Contents

Know the Address
Shot in the Dark
Use a Search Engine
Advanced Options
Choosing a Search Engine
Choosing a Search Part II

Newbie Guide to Searching the Internet

Ever wonder how to find your way around the internet? There are different ways of finding information on the super-highway. Somehow we have to whittle things down. Listed below are some options on finding stuff on the web.

Know the Address
Sometimes the simplest solution is the most obvious.

Take a Shot in the Dark
Believe it or not, one can find many wonderful sites by just guessing an address.

Use a Search Engine
This is the meat and potatoes of finding stuff on the web.

Advanced Topics in Use a Search Engine
"Any", "All", or "Phrase"
Use of Booleans to massage a search
Can I exclude certain sites from search?
What is Deja.Com? And how it saved my patoot
Can I look for files to download?

Choosing a Search Engine
Use this table to select the best search engine for the job.