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Client-Based Email
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Client-Based Email means you need a program on your computer to read the email.

You see, in the world of the internet there are two ends of the stick. One end is the server and the other end is the client. The server responds to requests from clients by sending (or serving) them stuff. This stuff can be web-pages on in the case of email the stuff is email. The program on your computer is the one which keeps asking for stuff. Give me my email, send this email to my friend, etc. etc. etc. Hence, client.

Examples of Email clients are: Pegasus Mail, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Outlook Express, etc. There are a lot of them. Whichever program you are using, you will need it installed on you computer. If you are reading this you probably already have one. Most people do. If you do not have an email program ask your friends. They are the ones who will laugh at you when things go wrong, so you may as well take their recommendations so that when the time comes they will be feeling too guilty for suggesting an lame program to laugh. Or, maybe you can find a more scientific means to decide on an email program.

Whichever program you have, some things you need to know before you can configure your email program are listed below. If you don't know it then you need to gather it from your Internet Service Provider.

  • USERNAME - this is usually just the first part of your email address, but not always. Sometimes you have a different one and sometimes it is your entire email address. It depends on your ISP and what kind of mail server they are running.
  • PASSWORD - your password corresponding with your USERNAME
  • Email ADDRESS - your total address looking like this:
  • POP3 SERVER ADDRESS - this is the address we need to configure to pick up our incoming mail. It typically looks like this:
  • SMTP SERVER ADDRESS - this is the address we need to configure to pick our outgoing mail. It typically looks like this: or

These instructions are based on already having an internet connection. If you don't have one with the computer that you are doing this on, then get one first.

We will demonstrate setup for Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger.

Outlook Setup

Netscape Messenger Setup