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Netscape Messenger Setup
Spell Bee

Click on the MESSENGER icon to open the program.


With the program open select PREFERENCES from the EDIT menu.  

This lets us change the settings for all of the Netscape package. We are interested in the Mail and Newsgroups. Start with IDENTITY on the left and enter in your name and email address. You can fill out the rest if you want, you it is not necessary. Click MAIL SERVERS on the left.

Enter in the SMTP server name and your USERNAME. Click add the POP3 Incoming server.

Enter your server information and USERNAME once again. Click OK.

Back to the PREFERENCES dialog box. You can set all sorts of stuff in this box. This is all that is necessary for basic email. If you feel brave, explore all of the settings. See what you can do. Click OK to confirm all of your changes.

When we are back in the main we can click the GET MESSAGE button and receive our messages....if there are any to pick up. And everything is working right. Feel free to roam around in the menus to see what the different options are. You will find your way. If you don't? Well? Keep trying.