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Pegasus Mail
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Pegasus Mail is an email Client. That means that Pegasus Mail is a program that works on your computer to get mail from email servers. You can find Pegasus Mail and much information about it at

Pegasus Mail is Freeware. That means you can download and use the program for free. If you want a manual (and to support the programmers) that you'll have to pay for.

Pegasus Mail is an example of what can happen on the internet. There are groups scattered around the world that have contributed to the ease of our access to the internet by creating programs and distributing them free for use. Pegasus Mail was created by one such group. Years ago for some reason or other David Harris decided to create and distribute an email client for free. From the beginning Pegasus Mail has been among the top in its class. The program is full featured and rivals anything on the market. One thing you virus conscious folks will like to know is that Pegasus Mail is not susceptible to many of the same viruses that plague OutLook, and MSIE.

The installation program is fairly easy and well documented. If you get stuck don't hesitate to ask. But for the most part it's not too bad. I have friends that know next to nothing about computers who are doing well with Pegasus Mail.

There is something missing though. They aren't finding many of the fun features which make the program a champ. Hence, we will be providing hints and clues as time allows.