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Know the Address

A first method of finding stuff on the internet is just knowing the address of a web site you want to go to.

Maybe your buddy gave it to you. Maybe you saw it on TV or in a magazine ad. Either way you just type it in and press ENTER.

Below is a picture of the address bar in a browser.

First click on the current address in your browser and it will highlight the whole address. You can also click and drag over the text to highlight it.

When you start typing the whole address will  disappear and the new one will take its place. You don't have to type all of  the http:// stuff. That will happen automatically. Now press enter.

This should take you to the site you are looking for. If it does not, you either  typed something wrong, your computer isn't working correctly, you aren't connected to the internet, the site isn't good anymore, or the server is full, or down, that hosts the web site you are searching for. Piece of cake, eh? 

Click on the existing text to highlight it.

Type in your new text in the URL box.

Press ENTER or click GO and view the web site.