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Use Search Engines

These are web sites that read databases of keywords and return web sites that respond to the words we enter. Then we select which web site we want to go to.

There is a TON of search engines but only a handful of large ones. Some of the larger ones are listed below.

Read the instructions below and then click on one of these search engine links and experiment finding your own information on the web.

This fumbling around in the wilderness can be a useful first step in the use of search engines. After which some of the in depth dissertations on search engine use can be more easily assimulated, understood, and used.

So let's do some fumbling around for a while.


Yahoo | Hotbot | Infoseek | Webcrawler | Excite
Alta Vista | Lycos | AOL | MSN | Snap

Below are some preliminary hints on how to keyword search. Check the advanced topics for more indepth coverage of these techniques.

  • If you only have one word to search for you can just type it in the search engine box and click SEARCH. Then read, and/or try the resulting links.

  • If you have two words, or a phrase that you want to search for you can type it all in and click SEARCH. This will bring back all the files that have "herb" AND/OR "garden" in it.

  • If you add quotes around your phrase it will narrow the search to the exact phrase "herb garden"

  • And if you want two phrases then you put an AND between two sets of quoted phrases.

You may use as many words or phrases as you want. The general theme is pick some words and try them. If there is ten million results, be more specific. Usually you can find what you are looking for. I know Infoseek lets you search within a search. That is very useful at times.