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Quiz #1
Basic Terms and Stuff

What is a gif file?

  1. A gif is the thing they make Giffy Peanut Butter from
  2. A picture image file format commonly used on the internet
  3. Something you get on your birthday and Christmas.
  4. Say What?

What is a jpeg file?

  1. The other graphic standard commonly used on the internet.
  2. Very similar to a round peg except it has a hook on the end.
  3. Some folks like to build without using any metal nails. In this case they have to use wooden jpegs to hold J's together.
  4. Say What?

What is compression?

  1. That thing that goes out in your car engine when the block is cracked or the rings are worn out.
  2. A technique in art composition in which the visual area of the image is pressed toward the edge of the canvas creating a dynamic visual tension between composition and negative space.
  3. The process of squishing computer files down so that they are smaller and either transfer across the internet quicker or take up less space on your computer hard drive.
  4. Say What?

What is the Internet?

  1. The dynamic interconnected network of computers sharing information and resources across millions of miles of phonelines, cable and satelite.
  2. What happens in tennis when you hit the ball too low. It goes internet.
  3. The opposite of Outernet
  4. Say What?

What is a Client?

  1. The software you use on your computer that allows you to access information and special functions from a server. Hence the internet is said to be on the client-server model.
  2. A client is similar to a patient except the patient sees a doctor and has a chance of getting well. The client sees a consultant and the consultant has a chance of getting wealthy.
  3. If you live in a place where it is sunny a lot you are said to be from a warm client.
  4. Say What?

What is Download?

  1. This is what you say to your dog Load when he jumps up on guests, "Down Load, Down."
  2. To debrief someone on a project and catch them up-to-date. You download what's been happening -- basically a polite term for business gossip.
  3. To transfer a file from somewhere else on the internet onto your computer so that you have a local copy.
  4. Say What?

What is Install?

  1. Install is where the horse is when you put it in the barn after a ride.
  2. When a program is installed it is transferred into the appropriate directories on your computer and icons are put onto your desktop so you can use the program.
  3. This is the condition of a car on the freeway when the engine suddenly quits.
  4. Say What?