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Why Use WinZip?

Many, many, many files on the internet are stored in "zip" format.

This is a kind of compression.

Compression is when a file or program is crunched down to use up less space.

WinZip will uncrunch and crunch files. Hence, it is necessary for the uncompression files you may find on the internet.

What Kinds of Files Are Compressed?

A free font file may be compressed. A program update is many times compressed -- or "zipped-up" as they say. Utilities and free programs can be zipped-up. Sound samples and movies can be zipped-up. Many different files you wish to download will be in zip format.

Is WinZip The Only Program That Does This Zip Thing?

No. There are many other programs that will zip and unzip files. Some are good. Some are not so good. We like WinZip the best.

Why Do You Like WinZip The Best?

Answer #1) The program is excellent. It weaves itself into your Win95 operating environment in a seamless elegance. It just plain works great.

Answer #2) Judging by their website and help, the WinZip folks have made a commitment to helping the newbie. Their website is clear and easy to follow with a minimum of confusion. Their download instructions are mostly easy to follow and the program itself removes as much confusion as possible from an otherwise difficult subject.

Where can I get WinZip?

Go to the website. You should be able to navigate your way through the download process.

Almost Forgot. How Much Does It Cost?

Good question. WinZip is not free. They do charge for registering the program. However they do have a trial version that you may use for as long as it takes to certify that you want to use it instead of an alternative program. I suppose you could use it free forever. However, there are special convenient features that are activated for registered users. For the relatively small amount of money and the extreme utility of the program we recommend getting a paid registration as soon as you can afford it.