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Virus Safety
Some folks would like you to believe that viruses are no big deal. They'd like you to believe they are a minor issue overblown in the media as a ploy to sell virus software and other such military-industrial-complex conspiracies.

While I agree that conspiracies abound it is also true that viruses are a very real danger. You must take steps to protect yourself. Below are links to three articles which we hope will get you started on the road to Virus Self-Defense.

  • Virus Protection Software
    This will help by scanning your computer for any known virus. It does not solve the problem by itself. But it is a very valuable tool in your overall solution.
  • A FireWall
    A good firewall is an excellent suppliment to your existing virus program. This can actually help stop infections and help minimize damage if you do become infected. This article will talk about our favorite firewall.
  • Your Own Common Sense
    A virus program nor firewall will be of much good if you do not exercise a bit of that good ol' common sense. This article will explain what we mean.