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Virus Checks
"Virus Protection Software" is a program which will run in the background on your computer all the time. It is started the moment your computer is turned on and continues to run until your computer is turned off. This is the kind of protection you need. Anything less is not enough.

You must have a virus protection program. It's that simple. If the people that sold you your computer did not include one with the computer shame on them. Maybe call them and threaten to return the computer if they don't help you get one on your computer.

Be uppity. You deserve help. It is not right to be thrown into this high-tech world without help. Fact is if it were so easy to get a virus protection program they would have done if for you. None of this computer stuff is easy. They are hiding the fact by putting it in your lap and pretending you are the idiot because you don't automatically know how to handle it. Shame on them.

A "Virus Protection" program should perform three basic functions. 1) It should scan your harddrive looking for existing files which might be infected with a virus. 2) It should look at all new files which are being downloaded and save onto your computer for the internet or email. 3) It should look at programs as the are invoked double-checking that they are not infected with a virus.

Not all "Virus Protection" programs will perform all three of the basic functions. Don't get one unless it does. The program we use is from F-Secure. We like it. But virus programs are like ice cream. Some folks prefer vanilla, some prefer chocolate, some prefer pralines-n-cream, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. If you prefer one brand or flavor over another no big deal. Just make sure it's not rotten and that it gets the job done.

Here are some of the better known virus programs:

By the way, none of these virus programs will help at all unless you keep the data definition files updated. This will require a once a month update of your virus software. This is typically free and easy to do. So do it.