Yahoo Instant Messenger

Yahoo just isn't for searching or mail anymore, it is also has created an instant messenger that can let you chat with your friends and relatives. With Yahoo Instant Messenger, you can join the chatting revolution that has most people around the world hooked.

Yahoo’s latest version of their instant messenger software comes away with features that rival that of Microsoft, but has the same major weakness of the major brands. Integrating features like webcam support (if you really want to see who you’re talking to), IMViornments (a fun piece of software technology that gives instant messages anything from simple background images, to fully animated games and cartoons) and, of course, simple to use instant messenging, Yahoo gives users a fun an easy way to communicate online.

The inherent problem with this, as well as any other piece of proprietary software created by the big IM companies, is the inability to communicate with their competitors software. This can be quite a pain if you have to have three pieces of software running to communicate with all of your friends. As usual we at Newbie recommend looking in to third party pieces of software that allow you to communicate with people on all platforms. These instant messengers tend to not have as many features (most of which you will probably never use anyway unless you are a huge nerd) but make up for this with less system usage and advertising. An easy introduction is Trillian, a fairly secure and corporate instant messenger that lets you communicate with everyone online. If you are dead set on downloading Yahoo Instant messenger, go to to download the newest itteration and find out more about how you can get started chatting right away.