Surfing With a Mac - Using Safari

So you’ve decided to get a Mac…good for you! I myself am a big Mac proponent, having used Apple computers pretty much my whole life, from an Apple II, to the current iMac iteration. Surfing the internet on an Apple is pretty much the same as surfing on a PC, as some of the same web browsers are available for both systems. Recently (as Microsoft has stopped developing Internet Explorer for Mac), Apple has created their own web browser named Safari that is optimized for the Mac OS. It is recommended that if you own a Mac, you use Safari, as you will get the most out of your very powerful machine.

Safari is very similar to any other web browser, as it contains an address bar, backwards and forwards buttons, and a stop/refresh button. Like the other browsers, you can also save sites that you come to often, and they are displayed right under the address bar for easy access. In all reality, if you know how to use any other web browser, then you will have no problem using Safari. Below are some of the features that worth noting.

  • Built in Google search box lets you search Google without having to go to the actual Google URL.
  • Tabbed Surfing allows you to reduce clutter by having all open pages ‘tabbed’ on the open window. To enable this:
  • Go to the Safari pull down menu
  • Scroll down to ‘Preferences’
  • Once in ‘Preferences’ go to ‘Tabs’
  • Click the button that says ‘Enable Tabbed Browsing’

    With tabs enabled you can either open links in a new window or as a tab by ‘control’ clicking (holding down control and clicking). Tabs are a good skill to learn as they make surfing the internet a lot cleaner of an experience, with only one widow to worry about.

  • Built in pop-up blocker helps to reduce those pesky pop up windows. To enable this:
  • Go to the Safari pull down menu
  • Scroll down to ‘Block Pop-Up Windows’ click
  • Easy as pie!

    ‘SnapBack’ button allows you to return to the last web search or site that you typed in. It looks like a little orange button with an arrow located to the right of either a site address in the address bar, or a search in the Google search box.

    Ability to manage your bookmarks, by changing the way that they appear and are placed on your web browser. Safari already comes with many categories that you can place pages into, as well as the ability to keep your most important pages above your tabs, right below your address bar for easy access. These sites can be renamed so you can better remember exactly what you bookmarked, and if you get sick of one, simply click and drag it out of the browser where it will never be seen again. You can also click on the open book icon located under the back button to access an easy to change bookmark management tool. Here you can create new folders, change names and delete and edit current marks. This system is really handy, as it can keep bookmarks separated in groups such as ‘entertainment’, ‘work’, or different computer user’s bookmarks. No longer will you have to sift through your wife’s beauty web sites, or your brother’s Olsen Twins fantasy pages just to find your own. It’s a good thing!