Surfing the Web

Before you get your hopes up and think that this is a page dedicated to Kelly Slater or one of the Endless Summer movies, you better realize that we're talking about the internet here and not long boards, killer waves or shark attacks. With that in mind you've stumbled across the best place for people new to the wild and crazy world of the internet to learn how to maximize their please while trolling through cyberspace. Read one of our guides and start surfing the net like a pro!

Internet Explorer

See why Microsoft's browser is the number one used web tool on the internet (and why it's still pissing people off today)!


Netscape Navigator was one of the first web browsers and is still used today (by about one hundred people). See how to surf in style…the Netscape way!

Apple Safari

Apple has developed their own tool, optimized for their powerful machines. Take a Safari on your way to the internet (just don't pet the animals...they're on the internet for goodness sakes)!