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ROBO Submit

Sure they are trying to upgrade you to use their paid services. Sure they want you to pay them to let you access the expanded database of websites for promotion. Sure they have banner ads on each and every page. Sure they drag the submission process out a little to expose more banners.

But hey, they have a very friendly service.

I felt very comfortable using their pages to submit a website.

They have the process organized in a very friendly and easy to access fashion. The screens are clean and not cluttered with confusing distractions for the newbie. The only possible suggestion I would make to them is to have a big Start button with words something like "Start" on it. It took me a couple readings to figure out which button was the start button and which button was the click here and owe money button.

You see many of these submittal services get tricky. Depending on which button you press you may end up with a bill in the mail. You thought it was free. They had an option select that upgraded you from the free service to the paid service. Hence, I'm careful about which button I press.

However with these guys once I found and pressed the correct button (it was only two inches square and was hiding at the top of the page in full view) the rest of the process was very straight-forward and I had the sense of assurance that things were going well. A rather unusual feeling in the world of web-page submissions.

Job well done folks. Thanks.

Yours truly,
Dead Elvis

You don't have permission to access /ROBO/ on this server.

This is the message that comes up when the proper ROBO-Submit link is used. A bit of a mystery. One day after this siting was put onto the web the site had its permissions changed so that browsers could not access any of the information on the website. I don't know if the site was hacked, the owner called it quites, or perhaps some other unguessed at causation has snuck itself into the scene closing this site down. Too bad it was nice.