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The List
The List

Sometimes there is a site that you may or may not be personally attracted to that has such a necessary collection of content that you are forced to put it into your repertoire. With over 4,882 ISPs listed, "The List" is such a place.

I'm not sure precisely which aspect of "The List" pushes it into the unappealing side of the aesthetics issue -- something does. Well, no one said I have to like a site in order to find it valuable. This is one of those sites that although I find the commercialism a bit too hardedge and the layout a bit too industrial for my taste, boy-o-boy do they have a bunch of ISP addresses.

You can locate an ISP (Internet Service Provider) by area code or country code. They have a listing of ISPs that are in every state. They even have listings for Canada.

So if you are an ISP looking to make sure you are in the list, or if you are a webnaut shopping around for an ISP for your parents living in Winnibego OH, this is a spot that should be on your route.

Yours truly,
Dead Elvis