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IMDb -- Internet Movie DataBase
IMDb -- Internet Movie DataBase

You like a movie? Looking for a reference to look up other movies by the same directory?

Or, maybe you hate movies and you're looking for a complete movie reference so you can remind yourself why you hate movies.

In either case this is one of the most complete movie databases on the internet. I've been able to use the cross-reference feature to find: "The other movie made with that guy, you know, that played in that movie with so-and-so." Not much to start with but I did manage to find the title. Nice.

This is definitely a place well deserving of a bookmark. Definitely PG rated and well-worth looking into.

An added benefit that may not be apparent upon first glance is the opportunity to learn some basics on how searches work. Turn a newbie loose in this arena and they will quickly learn the skills of keyword searching and substring effects.

Yours truly,
Dead Elvis