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The name just about says it all: "Weirdness"

Weirdness of many varieties collected into one spot for your clicking pleasure. For some reason the folks from downunder have earned a reputation as being slightly more than a bit odd. Well, it's a well deserved reputation as far as I'm concerned. On the whole I think you will find a larger than average quantity of free-thinkers and unabashed wackos. But unlike some other repressive geographical locales (I won't name) these folks don't seem to manifest in some twisted fashion as hamburger supplying barbers or model snatching princes.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't necessarily want a robust downunder weirdo to marry my sister. But then again, since she's dead and has an uncanny resemblance to me there has not been any problem with fending off would-be suitors. I think the current count of members in that class would be something slightly equal to zero.

In spite of the obvious weirdness, I would tend to give this site a PG rating. Maybe with a hint of R. Just so no one has to be offended thinking I'm calling it bland.

Do take a look if you're into this sort of thing -- and enjoy. Tell 'em Dead Elvis sent ya.

Yours truly,
Dead Elvis