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The Frumious BanderSnatch
-- Free and worth twice the price --

For better or for worse, the folks behind The Frumious BanderSnatch seem to have the same attitude toward the truth that I have. "If the truth gets in the way of humor out the window it goes."

The Secret Grand Jury Testimony revealed by The Frumious BanderSnatch may bare all but I'm sure it bears little resemblance to the truth. I highly doubt Monica would admit public or otherwise to the eating of cupcakes in the closet. The confessions of a closet twinkle eater just doesn't have the same monetary possibilities as the confessions of an out-of-the-closet eater of Presidents. Which brings me to another slanderous supposition that bears spreading: Do you suppose the efforts by Ken Starr to chew up President Clinton has any Freudian undertones.

This website is the home of much humor and satire.

It's a good jumping off spot to several equally odd sites of weirdness around the web.

I would tend to give the site a PG-R rating. Not exactly R rated, but a little more adult than most parents would like for a PG rating. Let's face it few parents want to explain the humorous intent behind an ad for knee-pads. But, then again, unlike many of the scum-riddled lumps of flotsam floating around the web at least there is no picture of the aforesaid knee-pads in use. So as always "You be the judge."

Yours in humor,
Dead Elvis