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Browser Printer Setup

First a word about browsers. I'm sorry if you use MSIE. I don't. I refuse to put it on my computer. It is a space hog. And every time I tried putting it on my computer it did the strangest things to my registry. So not for me. MSIE and a few other Microsoft products are like bamboo. You plant the stuff in one part of the garden and before you know it the stuff has invaded practically every corner of the gardner -- including some place you never knew existed until they stopped working the way you wanted.

You can mostly take heart in the fact that if there is an option in Netscape the same option might exist somewhere in MSIE. Hence, the solution here might exist somewhere in MSIE. Or, maybe for some strange reason it never has this problem. I don't know. If Microsoft wants me to include instructions for MSIE all they need to do is buy me a computer, install the software they want tested on it and ship it off to me with a one year phone support contract that allows me to ask questions of their support personnel after I've banged my head against the wall for the requisit time period.

I would like to help all you MSIE users out. Maybe someone who is a dyed-in-the-wool IE user can send in the gifs and text for this section. Barring that I'm feared that's all youse IE users are on your own.

So getting back to the issue at hand. A very common question we get is "Hey, you guys how the bleep are we expected to print your pages? They keep coming out blank -- white on white."

There is a simple setting in Netscape that will cause all text being sent to the printer to appear black -- no matter what the text color is.

File Submenu To access the Printer settings use the Page Setup submenu available from the Netscape File Menu.

Either click on the word file or press the alt-F key combination (together at the same time if you please). This will bring up the File Submenu. Do yourself a favor and become familiar with the various options on this menu (and the other menus for that matter). For the moment though just click on the Page Setup option. This will bring up the window shown below.

Page Setup Window

Page Setup Print Color Setting To answer the question about "how to fix it so you can print white text" the most important part of this Page Setup window is the little portion extracted and shown to the right here.

Just make sure these boxes are checked off and have the black check mark showing. After that is done you can exit and go about your business printing with the confidence that the text will actually show up.

For some reason my Page Setup options periodically are reset to the off position. When that happens I just need to reset the options again.

If you have the time to look at a couple of other items in the window you may want to check-out the header section.

Page Setup Header Options

By checking the Document Title and Document URL you will assure the printing of these items on the top of each printed page. This is useful so that one can find a website from the page -- even is the bookmark is lost. In addition there are some options for the footer.

Page Setup Footer Options

The Page Number, Page Total, Date Printed are all pretty self-explanatory options. Just take the time to make sure your settings are the way you prefer then head on back your browsing.