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Basic Internet Settings

Below is a listing of important internet addresses, numbers, and stuff that various programs will ask for during installation. Print this list and fill this list in with the help of your ISP. You have the right to know this information. In spite of any communication by tone or deed to the contrary you are not weird or wacky because you want this information. If your isp is hesitant to give you this information it is either because you don't have these services in your current internet account (in which case you should shop around until you do) or perhaps they don't relish the thought of you utilizing all the services you pay for (in which case you should shop around until you find an ISP that is supportive).

Name of your ISP: __________________
Support Phone #: __________________
Accounting Phone #: __________________
Your email address: __________________
Your Password: __________________
Your HomePage Address: __________________
POP3 Server IP: __________________
SMTP Server IP: __________________
FTP Server Address: __________________
Telnet Server Address: __________________
NNTP Server Address: __________________
Name of
your ISP:
This will be something like,,,,, etc., etc.
Phone #:
Get the day time and evening phone numbers in case there is a difference. Make a habit of calling if you need to. If your email is suddenly not working there may be many others that suddenly have the same problem and the ISP might not know about it.
Phone #:
From time to time it will be necessary to contact them. The ISP is the same as any other business. They are there to offer you service. Thus there will be the standard monies issues that come up from time to time.
This will be the address you tell your friends to email to. It will be something like,,, etc.
This is your secret password. Be sure to notate the capitalization. Caps and no caps are important. It does make a difference. AbcDEf is very different from abcDEF. If you write your password on a printout of this list we recommend you then keep the list secure. This is your password. It is more important to you then your credit card number. Don't give it out.
As a subscriber to an ISP it is your right to expect somewhere between 3 and 5 megabytes of free webspace and a homepage. If your isp does not give you a free homepage get a new isp. When you get your homepage address will be be something like or perhaps something like or even Whatever the address is you should get the exact syntax and make a note of it for future reference. If you ever print business cards or put out a Christmas note with your web address you really should make sure it is correct.
Server IP:
The address will be used in various programs to tell the program where to find your incoming email. This address will be something like or
Server IP:
The address will be used in various programs to tell the program where to sent your outgoing email. This address will be something like or
The address will be used in various programs to tell the program where to ftp(file transfer protocol) incoming and outgoing files that you send to your webpage. You have to get your webpages and graphics into your homepage directory at the ISP some how. FTP is the way. This address will be something like or or
On occasion you might need to telnet into your shell account at your ISP. If you or your techno-geek friend that's helping you need to telnet into your account you will need this address. It will be something like
This addres is used by your news clients to get news from the web for your news reader. This address will typically be something like or