Web Search Guide

Without search tools, most people would be like a horse with blinders. They would only go to the sites that they could see, and would be blind to the rest of the world (although sometimes that's a good thing...especially if you're sitting behind a girl with massive back hair). With search engines, people can find information on pretty much anything, just type in your phrase and you’re off to the races. Before you get started, let Newbie.net show you the best search engines, as well as the best sites for finding news, deals and articles on your favorite subjects.

The Best Search Engines

See why there is so much hoopla about search engines with reviews of the most used sites for finding results on everything from dog bites to shark bites.

The Best Directories

Just like the phone book, some sites are divided into categories allowing you to quickly navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. Consider them online Yellow pages for people who hate to leave their computer!