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Spell Bee

Open the program.

Select OPTIONS from the TOOLS menu.

Here we can set the general security level of our email client as well manage our Digital ID's. Unless you already have one, click GET DIGITAL ID. 

This will bring us to a web site to fill our personal application information. Do all of that and they will send you an email to tell you how to follow-up. When you get to the last step it will look something like this:

Press install and you will have your Digital ID setup in your email client. Then it will give us this screen telling us how to access our certificate through our email client.

We will just show you. Go back to the SECURITY tab in the OPTIONS listed below.

Now click on DIGITAL IDs and you should see the following.

Now is shows us our certificate. Click CLOSE to bring us back to the main SECURITY area.

Now we can check to ENCRYPT, or DIGITALLY SIGN our messages. Click OK when finished.

Now you have the power to be totally private.... encrypted... over the internet. Just encrypt - and sign away. But remember to send an encrypted message the receiver also has to have their own private key, and your public key. If not you can always set this option when you are sending the email. Just click on the buttons as you need them