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Email Security
Spell Bee

Open the program.

Select SECURITY INFO from the TOOLS section of the COMMUNICATOR menu.

Here you can go get yourself a certificate, or import one, setup a password and change all sorts of things. We are interested in either getting a certificate, or importing one if we already have one on our hard drive. If you press GET A CERTIFICATE you will end up here.

That's not a complete sentence on this image. It went on to say other things as well. Anyway, go and get your ID if you must and bring it home to your computer. When you have it we can import it if it hasn't all happened automatically. What would have happened if we would have pressed IMPORT certificate? Here it is.

It asks us for a password to enter for our certificate privacy on our own computer. Enter a password and click OK.

It will ask us for the file location of the certificate. Locate the file and click open. This should bring us back to the box and have our new certificate in it. Now we should be able to decrypt the incoming email and encrypt our own. 

But first we have to do one last thing. Back in the SECURITY INFO dialog box, click MESSENGER.

If we want to take advantage of our new Digital ID we need to change the configuration. Make sure to check all of them and click OK.

When we start a new message we can also change our encryption, and signature settings. Click on the bottom-left tab to make these selections. 

If ENCRYPTED is selected then your receiver has to have a private key, and your public key, to be able to read your mail. Experiment with things. A lot is to be learned that way.