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Start by opening your email program.

Select MAIL from the MESSAGE RULES category of the TOOLS menu.

Here we can add, name, and configure our INBOX filters. Configuring them consists of setting up conditions, setting rules, and taking action. Not bad life advice.  Notice that we have many options located as check-boxes. Below we have a completed example.

When you check a box the hyperlinks come alive in the third box down. You can click on them to add the specific information. When you click on the SUBJECT condition and then on the lower link, this comes up.

We type in the words that we want to filter in the SUBJECT and click add. Add as many as you want. Click OK when finished. The same thing applies to the MESSAGE filter we added. That is below.

Add as many words as you want and click OK when you are done.

So we have just said if the SUBJECT of the email CONTAINS "free money" OR the BODY contains "get rich quick" then we should move that mail to our trash can. Click OK when you are done with the filter.

We can go on like this as long as we want. Pretty soon we might not have any email coming in.

You can also block senders. In the same MESSAGE RULES dialog box, click the BLOCKED SENDERS tab on top.

This is our list of Blocked Senders. Click ADD.

Add in your email address and select whether you want to include newsgroups as well. Click OK.

You can stack it up all you want. Click OK when finished and you are now free from the pains of a certain amount of unwanted emailer's.