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Start by opening your email program.

Select MESSAGE FILTERS from the EDIT menu.

This will bring us to our MESSAGE FILTERS dialog box. You see that we are going to be applying filters to mail coming into our INBOX. Click on NEW to add a filter.

Here we can add, name, and configure our INBOX filters. Notice that we have many options in the drop-down boxes. They are listed below.

1 2 3

If your incoming mail fits your settings of box 1 and 2, then the third command will come into play. And you can have up to five levels of checking on each rule. Let's look at an actual example.

We named our first filter JUNK MAIL 1. We tell it to match all of our requests. We said if the SUBJECT of the email CONTAINS "free money" OR the BODY contains "get rich quick" OR the TO: field DOESN'T CONTAIN then we should move that mail to our trash can. We can set these however we want and we can make as many as we want. We can just delete junk mail on the spot or move it to a different folder to see what actually was sent to us. It's up to us. Click on OK to confirm our newly created filter.

At this point you can add another filter, edit existing filters, or delete them all together. You can also log how much the filter is used. Press OK to complete your filter creation and start using your newly filtered email system. You now have eliminated SOME of your incoming junk email.