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Email Security Issues
Spell Bee
The question of email security touches upon many different aspects of your computer and email programs. Why? Unfortunately to be secure you need to keep a little bit of a look out from every port and doorway into your computer. We know this can be confusing so we've divided it up into several sections.


Email Filtering
Setting filters is rather straightforward. You just block out certain email or only accept certain email.

Junk Mail
This is the same thing as the junk-mail that comes to your house. Anybody who gets your name can send you stuff and put you to the 'sales-test'. Some ways to avoid internet junk-mail are: 

Privacy (Encryption)
The internet is no different than any other aspect of your life. Just because it is a new technology doesn't mean that everything you know about discretion should be thrown out the window. Much to the contrary. In fact a new tool to contend with is encryption.