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Getting Started

Start Program
When you start the CommView program the first screen you see is one like that below.

Start Logging
To start logging (tracking, snooping, monitoring, etc.) click on the nice blue arrow in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
When you do click on the button it will grey out and the stop bottom will become active. This is the button you click when you want the logging to stop.

Watch Stuff get Logged
As CommView monitors traffic in and out of your computer through the internet you will see lines such as those in the graphic below. Each line represents one communication packet.

Check Out Packets
To see the actual information which is being passed click on the Packets tab to reveal the packets view screen. Below is an example of one. By clicking on the line in the top box the lower box will show the details of that packet.

That's It
There are other tabs and other screens with tons of options and stuff to do and things to look at. (You can see some examples of those screens below.) Ignore those screens. This is the "Getting Started" part of the job. So to get started it might be a good idea to ignore a bunch of stuff that might otherwise confuse you.