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Quiz #5
The infamous L.O.S.T. Quiz -- Linux Operating System Terms)

What is Perl?

  1. Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) -- a practical interpreted language is by far the most widely used program languages for World Wide Web purposes.
  2. The product of an oyster's efforts to coat sand or other irritants caught inside their shell so as to make them not hurt or irritate so much.
  3. Otherwise known as Minnie, she was one of the all time favorite country western singers. She is known for her quirk of wearing hats with price tag still intact.
  4. Say What?

What is Mode?

  1. You've heard of the 70s and the Mode Squad?
  2. In Linux (a common internet server operating system) the mode of a file determines who can execute (run), read, and/or write to the file or directory. This can be either the world, a select group or just the individual who made the file.
  3. The yummy ice put on pie in the famous dessert "pie a la mode"
  4. Say What?