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Quiz #4
Programs, Programs, Programs

What is a Browser?

  1. Someone that looks over merchandise with little or no intention of buying.
  2. A large hulk of a man that looks a little like a fighter is said to be a big browser of a man.
  3. A program such as Opera or Netscape used to view webpages on the internet.
  4. Say What?

What is an EMail Program?

  1. A program used to send and receive messages over the internet.
  2. This is one of those things where men sit around drumming and telling poetry.
  3. Say What?

What is Chat?

  1. French term for a cat.
  2. The real-time (happens right before your eyes) exchange of ideas over the internet using a program such as mIRC, ICQ, Palace, GChat or one of any number of the chat clients.
  3. A common misspelling of the first name of anthropologist and science fiction author Chad Oliver.
  4. Say What?

What is a Word Processor?

  1. A kitchen tool (usually produced by Ronco) that chops and dices words. Typically availabe for three easy payments.
  2. A processor that is definitely telling you the way it is.
  3. AmiPro, WordPerfect, UltraEdit, or anyone of the many software programs designed to create, edit, and in a limited sense format text.
  4. Say What?

What is a Pagemaker?

  1. A program used to create fancy-schmancy looking brochures, newsletters, ads, and whatnot.
  2. Someone that takes ground up cloth, wood and other pulp products to produce paper.
  3. In mideval days the teacher responsible for the traing of young court gentlemen.
  4. Say What?