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Quiz #3
The HardWare Quiz

What is a hard drive?

  1. A jargon nickname for the non-removable semi-permanent storage on your computer. (Semi-permanent because it always seems to disappear right when you need it and just before you back it up.
  2. A summertime car trip down Highway 5 in California just after the air conditioner fluid has leaked out.
  3. A particularily difficult golf shot involving a rough and cross-winds.
  4. Say What?

What is a modem?

  1. If you have dem and are given additional dem you have modem.
  2. When you switch from L mode to M mode you are said to be in Mode-M
  3. A device use to convert digital signals from your computer into a form suitable for transmission through phone lines.
  4. Say What?

What is ram?

  1. A four-footed fur-covered testosterone driven mating machine.
  2. The act of stuffing more clothes into your socks drawer than is reasonable.
  3. Volitile memory in your computer where programs and data are stored during active running. If you don't have enough windows will run "out of memory".
  4. Say What?

What is a Monitor?

  1. The teacher that watches the hallways between classes to make sure kids aren't cutting class.
  2. The video display. Looks a lot like a television set except for the notable lack of a remote control.
  3. A huge lizard that lives on the Galapagos Islands.
  4. Say What?