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Quiz #2
e-Mail and other common interent terms such as FTP and html

What is email?

  1. E's like all sexual life forms on this planet come in two sexes -- the e-mail and the e-femail. The e-femail has two X chromosomes, and the e-mail has an X and a Y chromosome.
  2. This is a midevial form of amour constructed from interlinking rings of metal formed in the shape of an E. The top and bottom of each E interlinks with an E above and below. The middle partion of the E is linked to the E on the same row forming a strong interconnected shirt of metal Es.
  3. This is a form of communication utilized on the internet involving the transmission of text and attachments from one person to another using email addresses.
  4. Say What?

What is spam?

  1. A neo-meat product produced from the tailings of a copper mine and packaged into strange squarish cans.
  2. Unsolicited Commercial Email -- also known as UCE or uce depending on capitolization.
  3. A funny word used as part of an on-going English comedy sketch.
  4. Say What?

What is a hypertext?

  1. The computer name for the type of page markup used to create webpages. Hypertext uses tags to create formating and links from one page to another.
  2. Text a little too on the active side. You could say it is in dire need of ritalin.
  3. A ratio measuring the number of greetings per unit of text.
  4. Say What?

What is a link?

  1. A character from the game Zelda. His job was to save the princess from the evil Gannon.
  2. A pre-cooked packaged meat product made by stuffing sheep guts with ground meat and spices.
  3. Commonly a highlighted and/or underlined word in the text of a page or an image that is used to jump (link) from one website page to another.
  4. Say What?

What is FTP?

  1. A petroleum additive used to help lubricate your engine.
  2. FTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. Used as a noun to indicate the program which does the file transfers. And is also used as a verb to refer to the file transfer.
  3. A poor grade of toilet paper worse then the one-ply cTP and even worse then the dreaded rough dTP.
  4. Say What?