Internet Dating Guide

Some people love the thrill of the hunt. Finding their pray, stalking it, and eventually going in for the kill. For those type of people who consider life a trek through the outback where all they have is a loin cloth and their favorite machete, the sun on their face and the blood from their last kill smeared on their mouth, hands and arms, then there is no reason why dating is any different. Many people creep around the bars at night, stalking the opposite sex with the ultimate goal of bedding a special piece of heaven. For those who are not so thrilled by pushing through smoke, noise and bodies to find a lover, online dating has become a phenomenon that has helped able bodies meat other able bodies that are ready to begin the exotic love dance. Below are sites that I would recommend if you want to start find love without leaving the safety of your computer.

eHarmony is a newer dating site that claims that matchmaking is actually a scientific process that is based on compatibility in 29 different dimensions. I know that this sounds like hippy crap (possibly created by those same people that wrote those terrible songs about Nam and protested while I was defending the world from the spread of communism) but it actually has produced the most marriages of any online dating service. Unlike some of the other sites, however, there are some fairly hefty fees associated with it, so it may only be advantageous for people who are seriously looking for love online. is one of the older sites the internet that specializes in online dating. Through its millions of members, has created many relationships, and hopes that it can help you as well. There are usually many people that will pop up for most area codes and although there are some fees involved, they are not as steep as some other matchmaking companies. Overall they are a good place to start if you want a solid and legitimate place to find your mate.


Lavalife is similar to and feauters about as many people as the above service. The addition of looking for people for intimate encounters makes the site a bit different and can help people meet for a little more then just a date. This is perfect if you want to head strait into the action, but still not as comprehensive as Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most unique websites on the planet that lets you find a “connection” that doesn’t involve dating. This is a pretty sleazy site, but perfect for low-lives that just want to touch and go.

So there you have some of the best sites online to hunt for the opposite (or in some cases same) sex. There used to be certain stigma involved in online dating, but in the willy nilly lifestyle that most people tend to lead, the fact that they can meet someone at all is the best part. For me there is no greater thrill then hunting the ultimate prey, but with the internet I can finally do so in the privacy of my own home.

Internet dating can be a great way to meet people, but just make sure to exercise extreme caution when using the above sites. Don't give out any personal information, as not all people on the internet are stand up individuals and identity theives are waiting for any easy victum to stumble along. Just remember, when faced with adversary, a true soldier never gives up and will do whatever it takes to complete his mission!