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New Nintendo DS Lite Console Review

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Newbie Review by Frank the Couch Potato Newbie Product Reviewer:

The DS Lite is the newest system made by the once champion of all video game systems, Nintendo, and they are making a comeback. It's lighter, brighter, better looking and in gernal cooler then the earlier version. It has kind of an iPod look to it which I think is pretty smart considering the sales of those things. With it’s crazy dual screen look, and the ability to operate the unit’s touch screen with fingers or the supplied stylus, the Nintendo DS tries to tell us that touching is OK (something that my would be ex girlfriend would tell you is actually not true…at least that’s what I can gather through the extensive and hard to understand restraining order). The dual screens are not the only thing that makes the system different then other units. The built in wi-fi is a first, and the fact that the unit can render 3D visuals makes the DS far superior then Nintendo’s very own GameBoy Advanced.

For all the pluses, the unit does have some nagging problems that keep it from becoming the coolest thing since the Wrath of Kahn. The visuals are reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 and can not compete with those of the latest generation of home systems. The unit is also a bit cumbersome and people who refuse to wear fanny packs may have a hard time taking it as well as their phaser with them. The unit comes pre-packaged with Pico-Chat software, allowing people to wirelessly send messages to other people equiped with the systems around them. Through this software, you can also use the unit as an organizer to keep track of dates, numbers and the time that Walker Texas Ranger is on. If you are a technology geek, or just a regular geek like me, then you would be wise to check out the unique, and super hot Nintendo DS.


Has everything a portable gaming system should have, and fun games.


doesn't include is DTS5.1, just kidding, does simulate surround sound though.

Nintendo DS Newbie Rating
2 Thumbs Up