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rundll32 error
Help! I tried connecting to the internet last night, and got a msg saying that rundll32 had performed an illegal operation. Any program that would take me online, such as IE , would also have and illegal op. msg. Netscape would allow me to select user,but get get stuck on "loading preferences". I cant think of anything I did that would have caused this problem, as i'm not good enough to attempt anything risky anyway! The most recent change was the installation of gozilla(and some other associated programs such as gator), but was working fine for the few days since I had downloaded it. I believe there was also an error msg for Runapp(?). Please help! I cannot get online to check my email(at work now, no mail) so please respond on this page

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

P.S. I am running Windows 98 and have a cable modem.

Dear Dave,

rundll32 is a program that loads dll files and excutes them. There's probably an error in a dll-file that the computer is trying to read when you're attempting to connect to the internet.
If you're question already contains the EXACT error message, there is a lot of help on the windows-supportsite about rundll32.exe and rundll.exe problems. Perhaps you can ask your boss if you may take a look in office hours :-).
The solution i found is to edit the system.ini-file. If you dont know what i'm talking about, you should better not do that.
You can send me an email for further help, as i dont come in here very often.

good luck.


jorge valdes
how can i fix this problem?
What problem?
Post back with:
- the exact error-message,
- when the problem occurs, or what you do to make it pop up.
- your opertaing system (WIN95, WIN98, WIN98SE, WINME, WIN2000 etc etc)
- your browser (internet explorer, netscape, etc)
- your hardware: size of harddisk, speed, RAM.


I am having the EXACT same problem! I'm running a 533 Celeron Processor, 6GB Hard drive, w/256MB RAM, LAN connection, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Internet Explorer 6.0. Whenever I try to open ANYTHING that takes me on the Internet, I receive a RUNDLL32 Error. The details of the error states:

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 00:504d4554.
EAX=504d4554 CS=017f EIP=504d4554 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=002726 SS=0187 ESP=0063f588 EBP=0063f5d4
ECX=0063f594 DS=0187 ESI=00760f90 FS=36ef
EDX=01270c90 ES=0187 EDI=0063f5c4 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:

Stack dump:
76003481 0063f594 00760f90 00760f90 76002881 00 00650528 006507c0 760029ff 0065041c 0063f5c4 007605c0 00 ff 007605cc 00

I would appreciate ANY help I can get...PLEASE!! I'm a desperate man...I'm using my old Pentium 150 w/32MB RAM right now...and I'm in the basement! Please help me get back on my "good" computer! :-)
Thanks a lot!!

The following has solved many people's Windows Explorer KERNEL32.DLL crashes. It is given solely as information.

In the root directory of C:\, modify (or create) a CONFIG.SYS file to include the following lines:


If the error persists, try adding this line to your SYSTEM.INI file in the [386Enh] section:

; Increases default stack pages from 2 to 6

(The default is 2. If required, increase by increments of 2 until you find a value that solves the problem. The ; [semicolon] works the same as REM works in AutoExec.bat.)

Click Edit, Save, Edit, exit. Shut down and restart for the changes to take effect.

Additionally, repeat KERNEL32.DLL errors can often be resolved by deleting your Windows swap file, WIN386.SWP, and letting it rebuild itself.

Hope this helps, if not, contact me by email so I can give solutions to you in a more fast and personal way.


rundll32 error new dot.nets_23.dll at 0187
RunDll32 is causing poroblem in NEWDOTNETS_22.DLL
The same eroor message is always coming up when i start my computer. Help me solve this problem.
You should post back with the EXACT error-message correctly spelled and some other info aswell:
- Operating System you are using (win95, win98, win98SE, winNT4.0 etc etc)
- type of browser installed (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera etc)
- Harddisk size
- speed of CPU and type
Sorry for the spelling errors
The message is in sweden so don't know if the message is correctly in english. This is the messge that i get everytime i start my computer:
RunDll32 i causing problem in newdotnet3_22.Dll
If this happends again re start the computer.

This is the other info that you wanted

Operating system=win me
Browser=internet explorer
harddisk size= 20 gb
Speed=700 mgh


Hi, I am here also looking for help on that rundll32 message error. Just like in Jennifer's case this error is loaded when the computer starts.


RUNDLL32 provocó un error de página no válida en el
módulo NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL de 016f:1000ab5e.
EAX=01070f30 CS=016f EIP=1000ab5e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=ffd8c SS=0177 ESP=0063f5dc EBP=0063f888
ECX=01070078 DS=0177 ESI=00eb8 FS=3687
EDX=f09d4560 ES=0177 EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes en CS:EIP:
,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x ,02x
Volcado de pila:
,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x ,08x

If this could help you solve my problem I know that newdotnet3_23.dll is a subprogram of Kazaa.

Your help will be really appreciated.


This may sound obvious, but have you tried removing Kazaa and reinstalling the program?
By the way:
Kazaa contains spyware, that is: it sends information about your behaviour at the web to the server and sells the information they have obtained.
You can run Ad-Aware to remove the spyware from your computer at

If this doesnt help, cahrles, post back.

RunDll32 is causing poroblem in page fault and module NEWDOTNET3_21.DLL i'm using a win98 operating systemm,netscape browser,32mb mem.4Gb H.D., CPU speed 450 mhz.
The same eroor message is always coming up when i start my computer. Help me solve this problem.
Mel: have you followed the directions from the above posts? If so, tell us what happened and if it did/didnot work. If not, post back :-)

i was having the same problem..rundll32 causing an error in newdotnet..and it happened ever since i got kazaa..but i didn't realize it till problem is that i deleted my rundll32.exe file and i don't know how to get it back..please help

There are several ways to get system files back, but the easiest way is to use SFC
Go to --> START --> RUN --> and type SFC in the box.
You now should get a window popping up in which you can search for system files.
Do a search for "rundll32.exe" and insert your OS-cd-rom. Restart after the files has been restored.

And again: remove Kazaa, I only heard problems with it. There are more music(and file)sharing programs such as Morpheus.

Hope this helps.


I seem to have a problem similar to Jennifer and Charles. I installed and uninstalled Kazaa recently.

Here is the text.
RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL at 017f:0263ab5e.
EAX=0107168c CS=017f EIP=0263ab5e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=ffd8c SS=0187 ESP=0063f5dc EBP=0063f888
ECX=01070078 DS=0187 ESI=001614 FS=3537
EDX=f09d4560 ES=0187 EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
83 7c 0b 28 01 7e 54 ff 75 0c 50 e8 02 fa ff ff
Stack dump:
81742d4a 00 001 01020003 01040102 00100102 bff713e2 5250017f 00100010 10010020 34370010 0020 200600 0038 0041343e 02180400

I installed and ran Ad Ware and was able to remove spyware software from my computer however
I still get the error message everytime I start my computer.
Please help.


I have Windows XP pro, and i ahve not had this problem until right after my instilation of winxppro, NO program works other then my IE, it wlays says "progragrams location then, is not a valid win32 application, also when i right click it says rundll32 is not a valid win32 application. please help me, i cant log on to aim or launch any programs... if you can help me either post a message or e-mail me at,
I have Windows XP pro, and i have not had this problem until right after my instilation of winxppro, NO program works other then my IE, it wlays says "progragrams location then, is not a valid win32 application, also when i right click it says rundll32 is not a valid win32 application. please help me, i cant log on to aim or launch any programs... if you can help me either post a message or e-mail me at,
Well, I am joining the crowd..I have the same thing but I don'th ave Kazaa. This just started happening a few days ago..What's the fix? Please help!!

Win98 2nd Edition
256 Ram
500 m

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL at 0167:1000ab5e.
EAX=01070f30 CS=0167 EIP=1000ab5e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=ffd8c SS=016f ESP=0063f5dc EBP=0063f888
ECX=01070078 DS=016f ESI=00eb8 FS=38af
EDX=f09d4560 ES=016f EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
83 7c 0b 28 01 7e 54 ff 75 0c 50 e8 02 fa ff ff
Stack dump:
81930112 00 001 c29d0003 bf0413e2 00167 bff916bb 52504970 00160016 20010058 38060050 0058 207600 0050 00013806 00500400

pm ravi
rundll32 caused invalid page fault in module in rundll.exe at 0167:00406087
Again and again:

ALL problems with newdotnet.dll (or something similar) are most likely caused by a program you recently downloaded and installed. If you downloaded Kazaa then it probably is the source of the newdotnet-spyware program. I already gave answers to remove the spyware from your computer with ad-aware. More about this topic "spyware" (what is it, how do I remove it) is at the link
If you arent able to remove the spyware, or if the problem (newdotnet.dll caused problems-messages) still persists, then post back in a NEW thread. :-) This one is getting a little big.

So for ALL newdotnet-problems
Step 1.
Look at the link

Step 2.
Remove the spyware (instructions at the link and above)

Step 3.
Test your system: if the problem is still there remove Kazaa is you have this filesharing-program installed

Test your system: if all the above doesnt help, post back in a NEW thread with an explanation of your problem and a brief summary of ALL the steps.

Good luck everybody!! (and pls dont install Kazaa,: it only gives trouble. Download Morpheus instead; same server (!!!) so the same files are there, and Morpheus doesnt have spyware).


I'm getting
"rundll32 caused an error in [unknown] if you experience problems try restarting windows"
I'm using windows ME, cable modem.

when this happens i can not access anything online.

please help.

Read my answer posted at 11/01/01 and read the post at the link below:
If all of that doesnt help, post back in a NEW thread.


I am getting a RUNDLL32 error on startup. Please help me get it straight.

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff7b992.
EAX=10015bc4 CS=017f EIP=bff7b992 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=10015bcc SS=0187 ESP=0063f7bc EBP=0063f7d8
ECX=0063f88c DS=0187 ESI=00 FS=2f0f
EDX=c15b8730 ES=0187 EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
80 3e 04 74 0f 33 c0 50 50 50 68 05 00 00 c0 e8
Stack dump:
00 1000b794 00 10015bc4 00 0063f88c 0063f88c 0063f898 1000a765 10015bc4 00 815af942 00 001 0116f00c 00eb8

Read my answer posted at 11/01/01 and read the post at the link below:
If all of that doesnt help, post back in a !!NEW!! thread.
using windows me cable modem and I am getting windows cannot find 'C\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe' You may have type the name incorrectly in the run dialog, or another open program cannot find a system file. To search for a file click file, click the start button, and then click search.
I tried that and it couldn't find it still and the error message only comes up when I go to the control panel or when I click on properties in my computer.
-Go to "Start"
-Choose "Run"
-type "sfc"
and type in the name of the file you are missing.
- you ll have to insert your windows-cdrom
- the missing system file will be copied to your harddisk in the right place.


I tried typing run sfc rundll.exe. But the same error message is coming up. Maybe because I accidently deleted rundll32.exe So can you please help.
Hi all,

i seem to have the run32dll error, to remove this i have downloaded the adware software and removed the spywares from the registry, i have also removed the kazaa download program and i seem to have the same problem. if somebody could help

Win98, INternet Explorer, 98MB RAM, 1GB hardisk, Pentium 133MHZ

i seem to have the following problem

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL at 0167:1000ab5e.
EAX=010702ec CS=0167 EIP=1000ab5e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=ffd8c SS=016f ESP=0063f5dc EBP=0063f888
ECX=01070078 DS=016f ESI=00274 FS=2427
EDX=f09d4560 ES=016f EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
83 7c 0b 28 01 7e 54 ff 75 0c 50 e8 02 fa ff ff
Stack dump:
816a382a 00 001 003 bf0416bb c29b9ce0 bff713ee 52500167 00100010 18010030 252e0040 0030 207e00 0040 0001252e 00300400

Have you tried to dumb Kazaa,.. its causing ONLY problems and has the spyware that causes the problem.
You can download Morpheus (uses the SAME servers and files) at


SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!everytime I start my comp..i'm also getting that same error..rundll32 has caused an error in newdotnet3_23dll..and I already uninstalled Kazaa...can someone please help me..

i read it all and tried it..


/me bows to Niels

John Plev
rundll32 error to kernel32
I run a pentium IV computer with windows me.
When booting the computer I get the msg
"rundll32 has caused an error to kernel32.rundll32 will now close"

how can i rectify this problem?.

Maurice wu
I run a AMD thunderbird 1G CPU with 256MB ram.
The OS is win98.
When I boot the computer, I get the msg "RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL". And I never install Kazaa (what is that!), but I do install Morpheus.

How can I fix this error?

I still think you have Kazaa :-)... go to control panel --> add/remove programs and see if Kazaa is in the list...
Then: you should check ALL THE POSTS about this subject, and try to follow the instructions already written. If all of that doesnt help: post back in a NEW thread with the same information as above and all the steps you have already tried...

good luck


I also have problems with the rundll32 error, everytime i start my computer i get this message: Rundll32 caused a problem in an invalid page module: Rundll32.exe. I tried to remove some programs that i recent installed but nothing will help. Maby someone could help me please please please with this problem.
I run a Pentium 4 with 1.5 Ghz Cpu and 256 ram and 40Giga harddisk.
I check with "add/remove programs" in control panel but do not find Kazaa in the list.
I downloaded Ad-Aware and scanned all my drives, I then got a long list of files. Can you please tell me if it's safe to remove ALL the files that appear or are there some I should keep or watch out for?
Thanks a lot!!!
I am another rundll32 newdot victom. I have followed the procedure suggested with ad-aware. I am still getting the error. In my control panel add/ remove programs section "Kazaa ads Support" cannot be deleted. I get the error "Rundll" "Error loading c:\windows\system\cd_clint.dll" can you help? thank you
Everytime I restart my computer I get a rundll32 error message. In the details it says it occured in newdotnet3_23.dll (0167).
How do I fix this?
Please email asap me with a solution
Well, as much as I was in denial and not willing to get rid of Kazaa, I finally did it! I removed Kazaa and the newdotnet and then ran Ad-Aware. I removed all the spy ware applications and no more RunDll32 errors for me!! Thanks a lot Niels!!
Good job Ron. Great to hear that all the solutions given actually worked for you! Sometimes there is a real fog out there in the computersoftware, and to clearly get your way through is sometimes quite hard. But glad you made it! :-)


Go to Start -> Run and type msconfig and press enter or click [OK]. Click the tab that says Startup and there will some stuff checked uncheck all of it. Then go back up to the top of the list and recheck SysTray, ScanReg, *StateManager, and PCHealth and any other programs you want running. Then hit apply and then ok and it will ask you to restart go ahead and restart. Then when it boots up it will say "you are useing selective start up..." put the check in the check box and hit ok.
My apologies, I know this thread is long, but...
Anyway, thanks for the above solution (ie. edit registry). Kazaa is out and Ad-Aware is in. The Rundll32 msg is also gone, but I'm still getting bumped from my connection. I have recently installed NAV2002 and have a HSP modem with ptsnoop which NAV did not have problem with (as far as I know). I'm running Win98 1st, with XP upgrade, IE6. An AMD K6-2 500 hz, 128RAM, 20G HD. I haven't seen any error msg's, but I have been using 'full screen' because my provider is BlueLight/ Spinway (I know, I know) and they have an annoying banner (which is going to cost them my business). Anyway, is this still spyware/Kazaa related? Or should I look for/do something?
Losing your internetconnection can have many causes, but I dont think it has anything to do with removing Kazaa.
With your info I can think of two possible options:
1. You do get a connection, but you get kicked now and then (you didnt tell it)
2. You cannot get a connection at all/the modem doesnt work.

Option 1:
- bad/busy server: try again later or at different times to see if the bumping is less frequent.
- bad phone line/connections: if you have an other line at home, try to switch these as it sometimes helps to get a more clearer connection.

Option 2:
If you cannot connect at all, or already get an error within the handshake, then it also might be the drivers of your modem. I found an incompatible HSP-modem at the link below (incompatible with windowsXP):
The modem in that list is called HSP56 MicroModem.
Other HSP modems seem to have troubles too:
But you can download the correct drivers at several sites (like the above). Just search with google with the keywords "HSP XP modem".

Hope you can solve the problem now. If you need more solutions/tips/trics then post back.


I have a Pentium 166, 32MB using Win 95 I am locked out of Control Panel all icons showing the message:
C.\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe is not a valid Win32 application
Everything else is working, IE Explorer, Outlook, etc. Please help before I tear out what little hair I have left.
Hey all -
If anybody is not having any luck with the advice here, I would like to offer the solution which worked for me. I couldn't get the program to remove from the add/remove program, so I followed the directions on the following link:

They are fairly straight forward, but it always helps to have someone on the phone. Just another suggestion for anyone who is having trouble. Boo for Kazaa. I am all about Aimster right now.

Thankx for the link Scott. I think it will help many ppl here.
Too bad that some ppl still post the same problems without reading the solutions to the exact same problems of other ppl first.
I will not respond to any posts in this thread anymore.
If you still have problems, open a !!NEW!! thread and summarize what problem it is, and what you have already done/tried to solve it.


P.S. I'll be back, (nut only in a new thread) lol


I am not gettingC\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe'

Hi since 1 week i have installed Kazaa!!
But i have the same problem with NEWDOTNET3_23.dll.
I think i have found a "beta" solution because i just can unload this dll file..:
So you go to start then run.
Tape msconfig
press enter.
In the start sub-menu (xcuse me for the vocab i m french..)unselect the file :NEWDOTNET3_23.dll
I m working on this problem to find a solution toerase it in the rundll32 because i can delete it but rundll32 is looking for so i think i will post an other mail to resolve this problem


Thanks for all suggestions, my son-in-law spend 6 hours reinstalling and everything is up and running, but I'll think twice before deleting old files etc in the future.
I get the same error.

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module NEWDOTNET3_23.DLL at 017f:009cab5e.
EAX=00870f30 CS=017f EIP=009cab5e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=ffd8c SS=0187 ESP=0063f5dc EBP=0063f888
ECX=00870078 DS=0187 ESI=00eb8 FS=3597
EDX=07785ce1 ES=0187 EDI=00 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
83 7c 0b 28 01 7e 54 ff 75 0c 50 e8 02 fa ff ff
Stack dump:
81755ee2 002 001 0017 005107f8 0063f5d4 001 0063f98c bffc05b4 bff79230 ff 0063f620 bff74a5c 00 ff 0063f6b4

It happended after I reinstalled my modem, tcp/ip configuration.

I've the following problem with ME:everytime I start up my PC,RUNDLL32 has an error in NEWDOTNET3_21.DLL.
I've already tried to uninstall application from the settings but it's impossible to remove it-it announces another error in RUNDLL-.So,what could I do?
Thanks a lot.
I just would like to say I did scotts idea and it worked! but theres one catch.. my internet didnt work so I had to use my backup files.. Does anyone have any ideas or anything that might help us... I know one thing if I could only see the person who created this F**kin mess I would literlly kick the snot outta them and -- down their neck and thats no bull--!! anyways im just as pissed off as all of ya and I hope that we all can get our expensive computers running the way they should be without this kinda bull-- happening agian and avoid these -- people trying to make a quick 5cents on each of our computers

-=[chaTBite]=- has the right idea. If you make it so that it will (NEWDOTNET3_21.DLL) not boot up at startup, it should take care of the problem. Granted, the program will still be there but it shouldn't load so therefore it shouldn't give you an error when you boot.

For W98
Start>Run>type MSCONFIG>click the Startup tab (far right) uncheck the box that says " Startup" and anything else in there that refers to NEWDOTNET3_21.DLL (it should be the same line). It will ask you to re-boot, say ok.

In that Startup section, you only need to have these 4 things checked:
System Tray
Task Monitor
Load Power Profile

All the other things there have been added to your computer by other programs. You may want some of them to load, so don't uncheck those. Most of them seem to be the irritating taskbar icons anyway :)


I tried Lizzyann's idea and it works like a charm... no more error at startup, the only thing now is to wait till someone finds out how to permantley erase it from our computers... thanks all

Hi all,
I tried Niels' suggestion to use the adware but the problem is still there.

Please help me!!!

HI, i'm having a problem similer to the one that RON had , the diffrence is that in my msg it says that the iexplore caused an invaild page fault in module < unknown> at 00:504d4554

i've tried all the suggustions above but they didn't help till now,

i have an old pentium 2 mmx 64.0mb ram.

thanks flo


Hi I was having the same problem with Newdotnet3 and managed to fix (or bypass) by unslecting it using MSCONFIG.

NOW I'm, getting the following error almost everytime I open Internet Explorer. Note I tried Niels suggestions dated 10/14/01 with no luck.


EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 016f:bff87ede.
EAX=c00309c4 CS=016f EIP=bff87ede EFLGS=00010206
EBX=011ff658 SS=0177 ESP=011bffa0 EBP=011c000c
ECX=011c01c0 DS=0177 ESI=815fab78 FS=2c9f
EDX=bff76855 ES=0177 EDI=011c01e8 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
53 56 57 8b 30 83 7d 10 01 8b 4e 38 89 4d f8 75
Stack dump:


Hi that's me again!!
So i didn t find the solution to delete this file without problems of internet connection...
So the last thing i had to do was to format my HD and install a new system.I m sorry but i m not a programmer..
Drunken Master
i have windows ME and when i would deinstall the programm newdotnet. But when i would deinstall it there is a messege who says:I CAN NOT FOUND C:WINDOWS\NEWDOT~2.DLL but who is this data in my pc please help me
andy allen
Is anybody getting this error?? I need help. I'm trying to install a cd rom, but when I open Control panel and detect new hardware, I get the following message! what do I do??

RUNDLL32 caused a segment not present fault
in module COMMCTRL.DLL at 0002:003c.
EAX=c0033267 CS=0d07 EIP=003c EFLGS=00202
EBX=00018062 SS=133f ESP=008054 EBP=0080f8
ECX=0003133f DS=133f ESI=0003415c FS=3337
EDX=815bdd44 ES=133f EDI=000300 GS=00
Bytes at CS:EIP:
ea b8 45 77 1d ea e4 6c f7 0c ea 96 1d b7 1c ea
Stack dump:
17d79e9d 133f8100 008100 00c0c 40fc0003 16df0003 17971560 8100 00133f 415c0081 1d470003 0003046c 81b50005 013f4c76 0063f0a0 008d9b

Just FYI, newdotnet is a virus i've had it on many pc's, only it normally doesn't cause problems. It's function is to use your computer power without you knowing it to help a team of university students in a college somewhere figure out some problem they are working on, and instead of buying a supercomputer they wrote a virus to use people's processors all around the world... i will not be here again, if you have questions or comments i need to see, please e-mail me.
Hi neils,
I have followed all the instructions that you have posted here seeing that lot of people are having the similar problems
the steps that i have followed are
1. install adware and remove the programs detected by it. But it would not delete the programs ...webhancer and savenow for some reason
2. i checked my system and i get the same error message or newdotnet caused by rundll32
3. i uninstalled kazaa and i have kazaa no more




Hope this is not too silly a question but are run32dll.exe and rundll32.exe the same file.
Message posted by scott 11/30/01 worked for me after weeks of trying to get this error of my computer,, Thank you SOO much Scott!! I recommend everyone who has this problem to go to and follow the instructions , the problem will be solved,, Thanks again Scott. You saved me from reformating my computer that was my next step,,, Valerie

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