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Getting all of Incredimail out of my computer

I had incredimail and uninstalled it months and months ago, but it still seems to be on my system because I see its name occasionally while looking for other things. Is there a way to totally uninstall the program, and also the hotbar that I have on my computer. I can't stand the pop ups, but love the backgrounds. I just want them off and my computer up and running the way it should again.

Well, first off, try Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy, make sure you update the definitions before you run them for the first time. They'll get rid of any spy/adware lurking on your machine, probably get rid of the Hotbar thing too. You might also want to get RegCleaner, it searches thru your registry and safely deletes any entry you no longer need (just make sure you don't delete anything you DO still need). It'll find any instance of Incredimail so you can get rid of it. After that, just do a search of your C drive and get rid of anything that says Incredimail. All these programs are free and can easily be found with a quick Google.

Here are the instructions to get rid of Incredimail completely. Please export a current copy of your registry to desktop for backup just in case. (always best to do this before editing the registry) To access the registry, go to start/run and type in regedit and press the enter key. Once registry comes up, go to file and export and a box comes up, give it the name registry and the date, and choose desktop at the top and save. Now you are ready to follow the instructions below.

To delete the registry keys for the Incredimail program:
Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).
For each key that you need to delete, locate the key, right-click the key, and then click Delete:
Under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key, delete the following keys:










Under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key, delete the following keys:


Software\Elishim\Protect\Browser (remove the Incredimail value)


Software\Microsoft\Direct3D\Most Recent Applications\ (remove the NAME value that points to Incredimail.exe)

\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Incredimail

Delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Programs\Incredimail key.
Quit Registry Editor.

To get hotbars out of your system, go to add and removes and remove hotbars. Now download a copy of either AdAware, or Spybot search and destroy (both free), and run a scan. It will find the rest of it and you can remove it easily from there. Donna

Sharon Warden
What would I do if I screwed up the registry when I edited it? How would I get the good copy back from the desk top to the registry file. I am scared to death to touch it because of all the dire warnings.

PS: If I don't reply to this right away, I am on vacation tomorrow for a week.

Anna Jordan

I have tried everything I have read to get rid of incredimail and every time I delete and it tells me goodby and the next hour its back. I have a line of dial-up connections and 1 incredimail installer across the bottom of my machine and can't delete them
L Quinn
This crazy program will not go away Please Please can you HELP..Many Thanks
Linda Crisp
Please delete the Incredimail I do not use it.
Linda Crisp
Getting all of Incredimail out of my
computer please help me or show me how
to delete the program. Thank you
Joycre Lampman
I went to install incredimail on my computer then decided not. Now the icon is on my computer and I can't get rid of it. It also includes installation proceedure. This is driving me crazy. Please tell me how to solve this problem.

Thank you,
Joyce Lampman


hello Joyce

you can download a very useful tool called HijackThis and then run the program to remove all traces of HijackThis




Joyce, Hi Jack This! is a powerful tool, used to remove spyware/malware from your computer. From what you're telling us, spyware is NOT an issue with you right now. DO NOT use Hi Jack This! unless you have an expert guiding you ; one wrong click with this program and you can trash your operating system.

Neme, Hi Jack This! is a great tool. You need to use it only when absolutely necessary. Be carefull when you "prescribe it" !! You need to include warnings and specific instructions.

Joyce, check your TEMP folder, your install files are probably there.


Donna, earlier in this thread, gave good instructions for removing Incredimail. I used them and was able to remove it. I also went into the registry and used the "find" feature in regedit and got rid of other keys starting with "incredi".
Be sure to backup your registry before bumping around in there!
George M. Kelton
I did not completely intall this progran, but I can't get rid of the icon "complete IncrediMail Installer". I sure would like to. Also, the popup continues to pop up on my monitor

Do not install this! Once you try (it will not let you complete the process). Good luck!
linda stein
I did not want this because of charges. PLEASE delete
Les is more
My kids have now warned me NOT to download anything w/o checking this site first. However cute and nifty "incredimail" may be, I have had nothing but problems with my computer since downloading the free version two weeks ago.My computer freezes, my e-mails are hi-jacked, and everything is now running so slow. I'm a novace and am trying to figure out how to "purge" Incredimail.I get noisy messages in the middle of the night that awaken my wife. when I click on the obnoxious little message deliverer there are no new messages.I can't find a way to contact Incredimail.I tried e-mailing them that I wanted to uninstall Incredimail. Help!Les
I accepted a download for an upgrade on incredimail. Would only receive "critical error has occurred" after that and won't open. Then it ate everything. Found 3 viruses and computer was cured (after updating virus program a bit late). I want to completely remove IM then reinstall. Tried it but at the very last second it says "critical error has occurred". Was going to try using the directions for removal given above but when trying to run regedt.exe, computer says it cannot find the program. Please help me.

Anti-SpyWare: StopSign (eAnthology)
Anti-Virus: norton
OS: win98

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