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Xxaxx's Xperimints #5

How does the pursuit of fonts qualify as an Xperiment?

Well it doesn't -- not really.

However, some folks have been asking were to find fonts. So rather then go through the same process each time I figured I'd just post my font links. This set of links is not all inclusive. There are like thousands and thousands and thousands of font pages. These are some of the ones I want to go back to from time to time. Just to see what they is up to.

Divid by Zero
This is a collection of TrueType fonts which I've created for fun. You can use them for free to do anything you want, you just can't take the fonts and resell them (on a CD, for instance). Enjoy these fonts, and mail me if you find them useful! Don't forget the FAQ, download/install help page, and Fontmaking Tutorial! You can also sign up for the Mailing List, or have fun and influence future fonts on the Fonts Ladder. You can also read, for whatever reason, the Old News.


In their words: "You may download these original fonts and do whatever you like with  them as long as you don't make money out of using them. All fonts are  in Windows TrueType format. I have no plans in converting them to mac  fonts. Do it yourself if you feel like it. The fonts may be redistributed as  long as the textfile in the zip goes along with the font. More free fonts will  be added - be sure to bookmark this page!"

There is no preview of the fonts so you would need to download and view locally to check them out. You will also find a link into the Font Ring. Wonder if that is worth checking out?


Chank Store
This site is a source of great free fonts and a source of links to active creative font designers. Hours of fun waiting here folks.

In Chank's own words: "Welcome to the Chankstore Freefont Archive, home of the best free fonts in the world. These fonts for both Mac and PC are all exclusive to the Chankstore and should not be redistributed under any circumstances. If you like these free fonts, you should buy some of Chank's Lucky Alphabet Art."


James Devlin
Extremely creative artist and font arhivist par excellence. You will as always find some of the same ol' fonts. In addition you will find some fonts that you may not see anywhere else on the web.

Here are a few of the great links you will find on his site:

Astigmatic One Eye

  This should give you a bit to go on. Starting with these links you should be able either find your font directly or find a link that has your font or find a link to a link that has your font.

Below are a few random font sites I haven't categorized yet:

By the way, I find font sources are leaving the web at an alarming rate. If you find a font source you appreciate show them by supporting the work they are doing. Get into communication so that you can be informed when changes occur.