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AcademicPress InScight
Many excellent stories and archived material. Some links lead into subscriber only areas. But many lead to fine indepth articles.

CNN Sci-Tech
Mostly computer technology. But you'll also find some off-beat science news as well.

New York Times Science News
Excellent source of science news. One of the best on the web.

New York Times Technology
The NY Times has technology in a separate section. Nice if you ask me. This way the new developments in computer technology don't push the other sometimes less dramatic sciences off the page.

Scientific American News
Three daily articles in their "News in Brief" section.

Science Daily
From birds to bombs, Amazon rain forest to NeuroScience. A wide selection of articles.

Science Magazine
One of the best science news magazines aroung. But don't even click the link unless you have big buck for a subscription. Not much here for the casual browser. But for the pro this is a must.

Science News
Science News magazine has been in print for... well since before I graduated grad school. Now you can view articles online. Some services are for subscribers only. Many articles are freely available to all.

The Why Files
Here you'll find articles giving the science background for many of today's news stories. A kind of scientific "The rest of the story".