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Emergency Boot Disk
You need a boot disk. This should be supplied by the person you bought your computer from. They didn't suppy one. They should have. Below are the instructions for making a boot disk. After you read the instructions ask yourself if it is reasonable for a newbie to have to do this then call your manufacture or go back to the place you bought your computer and complain. They should have supplied one. To make a boot disk in Win 9x:
  • Insert a blank floppy
  • Go to the Start menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select Control Panel
  • Start (Double-click) Add/Remove Programs
  • Click the Startup Disk tab
  • Click the Create Disk button

This process will probably ask for your Win95 CD to do this. You probably don't have one do you. Most likely you purchased your computer from one of those places that don't give you a Win95 CD. Demand one.

To allow the re-installation of Windows from CD you must be able to access your CD-ROM drive. Duh. This means you must have certain files on your freshly created boot floppy.

  • c:\windows\command\mscdex.exe
  • CD-ROM driver (specific to your CD-ROM
  • autoexec.bat with "a:MSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD001" in it.
  • config.sys with "DEVICE=a:ATAPI_CD.SYS /D:MSCD001" in it. (note: atapi_cd.sys would be replaced with the name of your driver.