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Plan on Service
The chance of using your current computer forever is zero. Computers wear out like everything else. So plan on it.

Make sure you have your important computer papers and materials in a handy spot that you know. Putting something away in a safe place is of little value if you can't find it. Make a pouch for your computer as you do your car. In this pouch put:

  • Receipt for purchase of computer.
  • Receipts for all addons and software.
  • Warrantees.
  • Correspondence.
  • Phone notes from tech support calls.

Add to this pouch a little black book with phone numbers and website support urls for your computer, its periferials and software.

Add to this pouch a calendar type list of warrantee dates. When does the warrantee expire for each product, goods or service?

In a separate pouch stored in the same place as this papers pouch create a collection of installation CDs, an Emergency Boot Disk, and significant backups.