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Installing Software
Apart from the fact that software vendors wish for you to buy zillions of programs and install them you shouldn't.

Be conservative.

If you can't explain to yourself or anyone who might ask: "What are you going to do with that?" don't install it.

Just because you have the power to install programs doesn't mean you should. Althought it's a bad attitude I find it's not unwarranted to consider all programs as potention carriers of ITDs. You've heard of STDs? Sexually transmitted diseases? Well, ITDs are Installation Transmitted Diseases.

Think of programs like perspective girl or boy friends. You don't just go out with any body. You get to know them first, you ask friends about them, you check out their reputation. You ask yourself if you really are attracted to them. Do you really want to be seen in public with them, etc.

After getting some references on a program you need to obtain the program. Do this legally. If you don't do it legally who are you going to call when you have problems -- not if, when.

Never install programs into your Desktop. Generally it is best to let programs install themselves into the directory they want to be installed in.

Create a log of when you install programs. Put this in your mileage pouch. A service tech might want to refer to this later.