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File Management
Following a few simple rules will make your life easier and your computer less prone to problems. This is like defensive computing.

Don't store data files in the c:\ root directory.
Don't store data files in the c:\windows directory.
Don't store data files in the c:\windows\desktop directory.
Don't store data files in the c:\windows\system directory.
In fact don't store files in the c:\windows\anything-at-all directory.
Make a special place for storing your data files.

What are data files?

  • Letters you write.
  • Books you write, etc.
  • Graphics you create.
  • Sound files you create.
  • Any other file you create.

Create a special directory for internet downloads. I'd recommend calling it "downloads" or perhaps "incoming". Put your incoming downloads in this directory. That way you can find the darn things when you go to install them.

Don't put too many files in the same folder. Create subfolders to divide files into logical bundles.

Organized data is also easier to back up.

Delete old files you are done with. Back them up as you wish then delete them. The more dead-wood you have on your computer the easier it is to lose things and to have problems.